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Top 10 Tweets of the Week: Animal Law

In no particular order, check out some tweets about animals and the law! Okay, so there are more than 10 tweets this time. I really wanted to include a few good tweets about the Nonhuman Rights Project! Tweets are from 5/21 – 5/31. You can follow me on Twitter @ThePawReport to see more tweets about animal … Continue reading

On My Radar: “The Restore-Our-Planet Diet,” a book by Patricia Tallman

Chances are that if you follow my blog, you are already a vegan and well aware of the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture. But for those of you who are unaware — or those who simply want more information — The Restore-Our-Planet Diet: Food Choices, Our Environment, and Our Health is a book that … Continue reading

The REAL Meat of the Matter: A response to Dan Murphy of Cattle Network

Dan Murphy recently published “Meat of the Matter: Legal Rights Just All Wrong” for Cattle Network, a news site for the animal agriculture industry. In his article, he attacks the work of the Nonhuman Rights Project and displays a weak understanding of animals in the legal system. He begins by writing inflammatory commentary about lawyers … Continue reading

Two new papers published on domestic animals

The Journal of Archaeological Science has recently published a paper, Livestock management in Spain from Roman to post-medieval times: a biometrical analysis of cattle, sheep/goat and pig, which “shows successive changes in the size of domestic animals over time relating to changes in the landscape and production systems.” Data from 41 different archaeological sites, dating from … Continue reading

DxE Sanctuary Day: Volunteering at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary is a small but amazing place not far from New York City. It’s in an absolutely gorgeous area, with rolling green hills and a quietness that NYC obviously lacks. But the best part is not the picturesque scenery surround the sanctuary, but that at Safe Haven, animals have the chance to … Continue reading

Top 10 Tweets of the Week: Animal Law

In no particular order, check out some tweets about animals and the law! From New Zealand officially recognizing animals as sentient to the nonhuman rights project to dogs in hot cars, there’s lots to read about. Tweets are from 5/11 – 5/18. You can follow me on Twitter @ThePawReport to see more tweets about animal … Continue reading

How to Argue Against Vegans – By Benny Malone

Originally posted on 100 FOR 100 Movement:
This was a great piece written by my friend, Benny Malone. I hope you find it as amusing as I did. 🙂 Cheers! Andrea Kladar ‘How To Argue Against Vegans‘ – By Benny Malone, UK 1. Make equivalences – This means to equate various things with exploiting and killing animals.…

Quote of the Day: Author says that pork is the best animal to eat from an “animal rights” perspective

In its latest installment of “Should I Eat This?” TIME magazine asks, “Should I Eat Pork?” and provides the answers based on the responses from five “experts.” A dietician discusses the alleged health benefits of eating pig flesh. A doctor mentions pathogens and antibiotic concerns. And only one, a doctor addresses the strangeness of eating … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day — to moms of all species

I want to share one of my favorite videos from Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary in Australia. Cows do not produce milk simply by virtue of being a cow; they are mammals and will only produce milk for their offspring. Once born, the babies are soon taken away from their mothers and the milk she intended … Continue reading

On My Radar: Upcoming Documentary Explores How Corporate Agriculture is Protecting Puppy Mills

I’m so excited for this movie. The link between powerful corporate agriculture and puppy mills is apparently undeniable, as the researchers/team behind this film will soon show us when the film is released. I cannot say I’m surprised that there is such a link, given the legal status of animals in animals as property, and … Continue reading