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Video of the Day: Toronto Pig Save Provides Water for Pigs on Way to Slaughter

During the heat wave last week, activists from Toronto Pig Save provided water and watermelon to suffering pigs that were on a transport truck. I want to say thank you to them: THANK YOU. This video is difficult to watch, but it must be. If you find yourself getting upset, think about why that is … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Colin Kaepernick: “Vegetables Make You Weak”

Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers, recently Instagrammed his meal of steak, eggs, and fruit, with the caption: “This is lunch….. I don’t eat vegetables they make you weak!” It doesn’t matter if he actually believes that or if he was trying to be funny: His post perpetuates the ignorant association of vegetables and negativity.

Dogs and Anthropology: Pre-Columbian Origins of Native American Breeds

I received my undergraduate degree in Anthropology; I miss the field, and I satisfy my inner anthro nerd by reading blogs and articles. I’m always keeping an eye out for anything anthro and animal related. I was in luck when I saw that Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog posted the abstract and a link to a recent paper (Go read … Continue reading