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My Interview With the Filmmakers of “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”: Animal Agriculture’s Devastating Impact On Our Planet

There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other, and yet the world’s major environmental organizations do not want to discuss it. The upcoming documentary film “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” will expose the impact animal agriculture has on global warming, species extinction, water pollution, and more. The Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Carl’s Jr. Reinforcing Male Meat Eating Culture

This new advertisement from Carl’s JR/Hardee’s reinforces various (and tired) myths of meat eating. In the video, a woman portraying Mystique, the shape-shifter character from X-Men, morphs into a stereotypically attractive white male as she eats a gigantic bacon burger.  The text on the screen reads, “Man Up.” As the male continues to eat the … Continue reading

Video of the Day: “Milk Life,” the horrific irony of the dairy industry’s new slogan

“In the past, we have been saying that everyone needs to drink milk. Now, we are showing what milk does for you.” — Sal Taibi, president of Lowe Campbell Ewald, the advertising firm behind the new “Milk Life” ads “Milk Life“?  I have already blogged about the “health benefits” of milk and how advertisers hide the … Continue reading

“Skin Trade” and the Cruelty of Fur.

Last night, I attended a screening of the documentary film “Skin Trade” at Bluestockings Bookstore and Activist Center. I wanted to attend because even though I already boycott fur, I wanted to learn more about the industry. “Skin Trade” was directed and produced by Shannon Keith, also an animal rights attorney. The film was a … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Kyle Kelleher’s Claymation Film, “Gestation Crate Pigs, Locked Up In Hell”

13 year old Kyle Kelleher has made this incredible and truthful claymation film about the pigs we eat: The tragic story of a pigs life, a gestation crate pig. this claymation uncovers the truth behind what you’re eating. cut back on your pork consumption, try free range or just spread the word. Together we can … Continue reading

Today In Speciesism: Real California Milk’s latest ad

This offensive ad gets one thing right: cows are maternal, sentient beings. In the video, that fact is exploited for comedic purposes. But if you know what the dairy industry entails – a life of suffering – you know this video is not funny at all.  Out of all the animals exploited for food, I personally … Continue reading

the sexual politics of thanksgiving

  Honestly, I was hesitant to even include the facebook screenshot with my post because I thought it might encourage someone to actually try this. It should go without saying: Please don’t do this at home! The image is of a cooked turkey with the appearance of human female breasts. In this image,  the dead … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Male Meat Culture, as Seen in GQ

I was flipping through the latest issue of GQ magazine this past weekend and came across the Terry Richardson-shot photo spread of Emily Ratajkowski. Emily is most known for prancing nude around the fully-clothed male stars in the music video for Robin Thicke’s rape-culture anthem, Blurred Lines.  And Terry Richardson is most known for being … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Justin Lookadoo & “Flesh Buffets”

This misogynistic image is taken directly from Justin Lookadoo’s faith-based dating book,  “Dateable: Are You? Are They?” Lookadoo spoke at an optional assembly at Richardson High School recently, upsetting many students and parents who found his talk to be a “rant against women.” Recently, I had to defend the phrase “The Sexual Politics of Meat” … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Red Bull’s Speciesism and Racism

Video Description: A Native American and a Pilgrim walk towards a small group of farm animals. The pig says, “Oh no. This does not look good.” The pig takes out a Red Bull from his non-existent pocket and chugs it down. Then the pig magically grows wings! As he flies away, he tosses the can … Continue reading