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Dogs and Science: 11,000 Year Old Transmissible Cancer

A very interesting study about cancer and canines is published in the most recent issue of Science, and not just any cancer: the world’s oldest known living cancer: Canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT) is the oldest known somatic cell lineage. It is a transmissible cancer that propagates naturally in dogs. We sequenced the genomes of … Continue reading

“Skin Trade” and the Cruelty of Fur.

Last night, I attended a screening of the documentary film “Skin Trade” at Bluestockings Bookstore and Activist Center. I wanted to attend because even though I already boycott fur, I wanted to learn more about the industry. “Skin Trade” was directed and produced by Shannon Keith, also an animal rights attorney. The film was a … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Defiant Rancher is Saving Fukushima Cows

“These cows are living testimony to the human folly here in Fukushima. The government wants to kill them because it wants to erase what happened here, and lure Japan back to its pre-accident nuclear status quo. I am not going to let them. If authorities say kill the cows, then I resolved to do the … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 200 (As in, $200,000 Raised by Actor Kellan Lutz for Bulgarian Dog Shelter!)

Paws up for the cast of Hercules! Back in November, actor Kellan Lutz (Twilight) announced that he wanted to raise $200,000 for a Bulgarian NGO that desperately needed the money to help stray animals. Lutz had been filming on-location in Bulgaria for his new film, Hercules. The dogs of Sofia, Bulgaria were once pets, but … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 400 (West African lions total population)

“Now that this massive survey effort has been concluded, we finally know where lions remain and where we need to invest our efforts to save them. This was a vital first step, but the real work of saving them is only just beginning. Even the protected areas that retain lions are understaffed and underequipped. We … Continue reading

Wednesday News Grab Bag! Antibiotic resistance, anthropology, rhinos, and more

Environment: Kenyan Rhinos Cannot Survive in the Wild. From the article: “Kenya has about 850 black and white rhinos out of approximately 25,000 in Africa, but more than 50 were killed for their horns in 2013, up from 30 killings in 2012, and those that remain are increasingly vulnerable to organised poaching gangs.” Wow, this … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Kyle Kelleher’s Claymation Film, “Gestation Crate Pigs, Locked Up In Hell”

13 year old Kyle Kelleher has made this incredible and truthful claymation film about the pigs we eat: The tragic story of a pigs life, a gestation crate pig. this claymation uncovers the truth behind what you’re eating. cut back on your pork consumption, try free range or just spread the word. Together we can … Continue reading

Bad News For Chickens in the United States

According to, “per capita chicken consumption in the US has risen from under 20 lbs in 1909 to about 60 lbs in 2012.” Meanwhile, “beef consumption has dropped from a peak of over 80 lbs per capita in the 1970s to under 60 lbs in 2012.” This is the first time in 100 years … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Trinity River Full of Pig Blood

These photos depicting pig blood flowing from a slaughterhouse into the Trinity River are shocking and horrific. Although the contamination happened last year, the photos are making the rounds in the media again because meatpacking company Columbia Packing, accused of letting the blood contaminate the river, has recently been indicted on various charges: namely, tampering … Continue reading