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Monday News Grab Bag! 4/10

This weekly grab bag of news is brought to you by a beautiful bird I found on Flickr. 10,000 dog adoptions, through HSUS pet stores conversion program via Humane Society of the United States After launching this campaign in 2013, we’ve worked with 20 pet stores across the country to stop selling puppy mill dogs … Continue reading

Monday News Grab Bag! 3/27

These links are brought to you by shelter dogs… Court of Appeals rules airlines have right to ban hunting trophies  via Animal News 24-7 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on March 20,  2017 ruled that Delta Airlines is under no legal obligation to carry hunting trophies. The Fifth Circuit Court of … Continue reading

The Importance of Farm Sanctuaries #BTC4A

The photo to the left is a picture I took on my last trip to Skylands, an animal rescue sanctuary in New Jersey, not too far from New York City.  I blogged about my trip here. I really love going to farm sanctuaries, either as a volunteer or simply a visitor. I have been to … Continue reading

“Why Don’t You Care About Humans?”

This past weekend, myself and other members of Direct Action Everywhere NYC volunteered with a local organization called Chilis on Wheels (CoW). CoW distributes free vegan chili to anyone who is in need of a warm meal. The total amount of donated food per month is about 800 meals! CoW also has vegan leaflets on … Continue reading

Why I’m Fasting Against Slaughter

Today, I join the Fast Against Slaughter because it’s not food, it’s violence. Undeniably, right at this very moment there are millions of suffering animals worldwide. They are feeling fear and pain, they smell sickness, and they see death. They are confused, scared, and hurting. They are being transported in trucks without food and water … Continue reading

Volunteering with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Recently, members of Direct Action Everywhere NYC visited the new location of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to spend the day volunteering. I met some really beautiful and amazing animals. Animal sanctuaries are not only great places to bring your non-vegan family and friends, but they’re also a great place for you to volunteer. No matter the … Continue reading

DxE Sanctuary Day: Volunteering at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary is a small but amazing place not far from New York City. It’s in an absolutely gorgeous area, with rolling green hills and a quietness that NYC obviously lacks. But the best part is not the picturesque scenery surround the sanctuary, but that at Safe Haven, animals have the chance to … Continue reading

Tuesday News Grab Bag

Hello readers! I’m currently in the middle of writing a bunch of posts, including a review and interview with the recently published Little Darling’s Pinups for Pitbulls book, a discussion about Mayo Gate, and a post about animal activists over at the other blog I help out on, Species and Class. But since I feel … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Plant Food, Not Corn; Eat Plants, Not Meat!

The above graphic was taken from a recently published article, “A hard look at corn economics — and world hunger.” As you can see, corn is not a “foodstuff,” but “industrial material.” And the majority of the crop becomes animal feed. In a world where 842 million people are malnourished, should we really be using … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Carnists Camp Outside Chik-Fil-A For 2 Days

Customers camped outside a Chik-Fil-A in Warwick, Rhode Island (my home state!), for two days, in the hopes of getting free Chik-Fil-A for a year. It was the grand opening and the first of the fast food chain in the state. It’s completely bizarre to me that not only eating animals, but also encouraging the … Continue reading