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Reading Series: Dogland – South Paws in the North

South Paws in the North This is a continuation of my Reading Series for the non-fiction book, Dogland, where I blog my thoughts and reactions to each chapter as I read through the book. Please feel free to read along or comment on the topics below! This chapter, South Paws in the North, discusses the … Continue reading

Photos from my Skylands Sanctuary trip

Skylands Sanctuary and Animal Rescue is a huge, beautiful place in New Jersey where animals are saved from harm and can live their life with dignity and respect. If you live in the New York area, Skylands is just a short drive from NYC (under two hours) and well worth the trip. A small donation … Continue reading

Reading Series: Dogland – Ready or Not… Here She Comes

Ready or Not… Here She Comes Shortly after Thanksgiving, I lost my beloved dog, Banksy. Her death was sudden and I was not with her when it happened – I had recently returned to New York after spending the holiday at my mom’s in New Mexico, where Banksy lived. Not being there for her when … Continue reading