How to Argue Against Vegans – By Benny Malone

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This was a great piece written by my friend, Benny Malone. I hope you find it as amusing as I did. 🙂
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How To Argue Against Vegans
– By Benny Malone, UK

1. Make equivalences – This means to equate various things with exploiting and killing animals. Say killing plants and animals is the same or that as everything must die or dies through accidents so intentionally breeding, exploiting and slaughtering animals is no different. This is basic stuff I don’t need to say more.

2. Concentrate on grey areas. ”Of all the non human animals exploited by humans, Animal Charity Navigators estimates that 99.7% are animals used as resources by animal agriculture. The remaining .3% consists of all of the others, such as those hunted, tested on, abandoned to shelters, and used for fashion and entertainment. – See more at:http://freefromharm.org/animalagriculture/…” Avoid these…

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