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Monday News Grab Bag! 3/27

These links are brought to you by shelter dogs… Court of Appeals rules airlines have right to ban hunting trophies  via Animal News 24-7 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on March 20,  2017 ruled that Delta Airlines is under no legal obligation to carry hunting trophies. The Fifth Circuit Court of … Continue reading

Animal Law & Environmental Law Tweets of the Week

Another week, another set of tweets! Please share, RT, click, and follow. (By the way, the featured image to this post is of my friend’s chicken, Penelope, who I often pet-sit!) Big thanks to @RepEdRoyce for your support in helping us take shark fins off the menu #FinBanNow — Oceana (@Oceana) March 14, 2017 … Continue reading

End of the Week Links

This post is brought to you by a deer who I photographed while out on a run/hike in Rockefeller State Park. Here are some links of articles I read this week and wanted to share. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Nonhuman Rights Project Chimp Advocate Doggedly Pursues Animal Rights New York court asked to determine if … Continue reading

Animal Law Tweets of the Week

Another week, another group of tweets! Read on for a roundup of links about the Dairy Pride Act, the Nonhuman Rights Project, dachshund racing (?!), and more… Help stop the Dairy Pride Act that will stifle #plant-based competition! #vegan #animallaw #unfaircompetition — Kelly Levenda (@KellyLevenda) March 9, 2017 The dairy industry claims this … Continue reading

Kentucky Horses At Risk! Who’s behind this outrageous new bill, and how to stop it!

In its most recent report of animal protection law rankings, the Animal Legal Defense Fund ranked the state of Kentucky dead last – for the tenth year in a row. Here are some of the reasons why Kentucky was chosen – again – as the worst state: Felony provisions are available only for cruelty and fighting, both against only select animals; No felony provisions for neglect or abandonment; Inadequate definitions/standards of basic care; and Veterinarians are prohibited from reporting suspected cruelty or fighting. One would … Continue reading

Reading Series: Dogland – Death-Row Dogs

This is a continuation of my Reading Series for the non-fiction book, Dogland, where I blog my thoughts and reactions to each chapter as I read through the book. Please feel free to read along or comment on the topics below! I love this chapter’s discussion on animal shelters: their history, euthanasia and its tolls … Continue reading

Top Animal & Environmental Law Tweets of the Week – 3/6/2017

If you follow my Twitter account at all, you’ve probably noticed that I am anti-Trump and his administration. Not only am I disgusted by his (and his administration’s) misogyny, sexism, bigotry, and racism, I am also staunchly against his anti-science and anti-animal platform. Personally, I do not see how any animal advocate can support him. … Continue reading