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Quote of the Day: “Domesecration”

“Domesecration is the systemic practice of violence in which social animals are enslaved and biologically manipulated, resulting in their objectification, subordination, and oppression. “Through domesecration, many species of animals that lived on the earth for millions of years, including several species of large, sociable Eurasian mammals, came to be regarded as mere objects, their very … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 80,000 (giraffes left in Africa)

A few days ago, World Giraffe Day was celebrated. Unfortunately for giraffes, things are not looking good: Their population has plummeted from a 120,000 to a staggering 80,000 individuals between 1998 and 2012. Two giraffe subspecies are endangered. How could this happen? The South African reports that giraffes “[are] being threatened by a number of … Continue reading

Anti-Puppy Mill Legislation News & Updates

(Please see my previous post, where I compiled a list of puppy mill legislation across the country.) CONNECTICUT Congratulations to Connecticut! Public Act 14-77, An Act Concerning Certain Recommendations of the Task Force on the Sale of Cats and Dogs from Inhumane Origins at Connecticut Pet Shops, was signed into law last week:

Monday News Grab Bag!

It *is* Monday, right? When you’re not working regularly, the days just bleed together. I haven’t been updating much lately. I was traveling and visiting family. But the good news is that I have lots of posts planned; brace yourselves! For now, here’s a bunch of articles that I’ve come across. Got any articles to … Continue reading