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On Animals, Pain, & NJ 101.5

Recently, Judi Franco and two fellow co-hosts (Dennis Malloy and Ray Rossi) of NJ 101.5 allegedly made terrible remarks concerning animal abuse during their radio programs, and the conversation carried over onto social media. The statements were made during discussions of Sammy, a cocker spaniel who was the victim of abuse. The following graphic summarizes … Continue reading

The Cruelty of Circuses

Recently, I attended a protest against Ringling Bros. at the Barclays Center. Since then, I have volunteered to help compose a comment for the Animal Law Committee in support of Assembly bill A5407 in New York, which would “restrict the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses and shows” and prohibit “the use … Continue reading

Today in Animal Cruelty

“A Westville-area man is now charged with severely beating his malnourished dog after the pet killed one of the chickens he kept at his mobile home. Kurt Norem, 47, is charged with two counts of Class A misdemeanor cruelty to an animal.” Southbend Tribune. “A Tampa man has been charged with animal cruelty after authorities … Continue reading

Animals in Entertainment

[As we hear the voice-over narration, a computer generated great ape sits in an isolated room, looking forlorn. The ape walks around the room restlessly. He approaches a table, which holds a revolver. The ape takes the gun, toying with it, and and then finally aims it to his head.  Narration: “The great ape. He’s … Continue reading

Weekly News Bites

Welcome to the first Weekly News Bites, which will be a weekly collection of national animal welfare and legal related news from the past week that you may have missed. Gas Chamber Banned In Texas! Sponsored by Sen. Kirk Watson (D-14), the new law bans the use of gas chambers and is also designed to … Continue reading

Why We Need the PUPS Act: The Basics

Legislation has recently been proposed which would amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to include pet dealers who sell dogs directly to the public (via e.g., the Internet) under the AWA’s definition of “pet dealer.” The legislation, referred to as the PUPS Act, would also include amendments pertaining to exercise standards of dogs maintained by … Continue reading

Video Post

“In Total Joy, Marabel Morgan unites women and animals through the use of the metaphor of hamburger […] Women stand in relationship to the ‘total woman’ as they to do ‘hamburger,’ as something that is objectified, without agency, that must be prepared, reshaped, acculturated to be made consummable in a patriarchal world.” — Carol J. … Continue reading