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Meet the Breakout Stars of 2019: Shelby, Smarty Pants & Goose

To get know the breakout stars of 2019! Shelby and Smarty Pants star in A Dog’s Way Home. Goose makes her appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel. Continue reading


Why “Animal Lovers” Need to Join #TheResistance Against Trump: Part 1 – Trump Hates Dogs (AND PETS)

This series on why animal lovers need to dump Trump and join The Resistance against Trump and his administration may lose me followers. It may bring on attacks to my page and Twitter account. I don’t care. Almost every day, I come across people on Twitter and other social media platforms who proclaim themselves to … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 10,000 (Rabbits Killed in Easter Bunny Hunt)

Inquisitor reports that in the Central Otago district of New Zealand, hunters killed 10,000 rabbits in its annual Easter bunny hunt. The hunt takes place every Good Friday, and according to Inquisitor the total number of bunnies killed overall in the hunts is almost 300,000. Bunnies… or “pests”? According to the New Zealand herald, these … Continue reading

Book Review: “Little Darling’s Pinups for Pitbulls: A Celebration of America’s Most Loveable Dogs” by Deirdre Franklin

The amazing canine advocate Deirdre Franklin (“Pinups for Pitbulls”) recently released Little Darling’s Pinups for Pitbulls. The book is available in stores now and available online at her official website and of course at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!   Almost ten years ago, Deirdre Franklin founded Pinups for Pitbulls in 2005 with a mission … Continue reading

Tuesday News Grab Bag

Hello readers! I’m currently in the middle of writing a bunch of posts, including a review and interview with the recently published Little Darling’s Pinups for Pitbulls book, a discussion about Mayo Gate, and a post about animal activists over at the other blog I help out on, Species and Class. But since I feel … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: We Are Not the Only Political Animals

“[I]t does not insult the memory of those human beings who have been deprived of their rights and excluded from consideration as political subjects to note that, as a matter of fact, the animals that play a central role in our society are systematically excluded from the polis, from the scope of the political. Their … Continue reading

RIP to ALL the birds killed at Foster Farms

Recently, almost 1,000 chickens at a Foster Farms processing plant were killed by someone with golf club. Foster Farms has condemned the act as an “unconscionable act of animal cruelty.” I guess it’s only an “unconscionable act of animal cruelty” when they don’t stand to make a profit. From the LA Times: Detectives are looking … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Meat Consumption Declines in France

I was reading a fascinating article in The Atlantic, “France’s Troubled Romance With Beef,” which discusses the evolution of French cuisine. One way French cuisine is apparently changing is that the country’s love affair with beef is dwindling. Generally, people are choosing to eat dishes that are healthier and better for the environment, which often … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 20,400 (white rhinos remaining in the world)

September 22 is #WorldRhinoDay. I was following the hashtag “#Iam4Rhinos” this morning and I saw that WWF tweeted that 20,400 is the approximate number of white rhino remaining in the world. IN THE WORLD. The white rhino species is in peril. Since 2012,  1 to 2 rhinos have been killed by poachers per day. This … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Carnists Camp Outside Chik-Fil-A For 2 Days

Customers camped outside a Chik-Fil-A in Warwick, Rhode Island (my home state!), for two days, in the hopes of getting free Chik-Fil-A for a year. It was the grand opening and the first of the fast food chain in the state. It’s completely bizarre to me that not only eating animals, but also encouraging the … Continue reading