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Saving the Elephants, and why I’m running my first 10K

Tomorrow, Saturday the 22, is the first annual Saving the Elephants 10K in Central Park. Extraordinary Journeys Africa is sponsoring the 10K. I am full of excitement and nervousness, as it will be my first 10K. When I first heard about the race, I really wanted to join because I support the cause. But I’m … Continue reading

New study suggests fruit & vegetable consumption correlates to greater happiness and life satisfaction

The findings of a recent study has provided first evidence of an association between eating fruits and vegetables and what’s called “greater eudaemonic well-being,” or “a state of flourishing characterized by feelings of engagement, meaning, and purpose in life.” The study’s findings have been published in the British Journal of Health Psychology. 405 participants in … Continue reading

New Study Calls the Heart-Healthy Claims of Oily Fish Into Question

A new study just published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology casts doubt on the claim that oily fish (i.e. marine fats) is good for heart health. “To date, more than 5000 papers have been published studying the alleged beneficial properties of omega-3 fatty acids, not to mention the billion dollar industry producing and selling … Continue reading

Jay Z and Beyoncé “Go Vegan” For 22 Day Challenge!

Have you recently adopted a plant-based diet? You’re not alone! Jay Z and Beyoncé have taken on the 22 Day Challenge.  That’s a commitment to 22 days of no animal products – but why 22? Apparently, it takes 21 days to break a habit, or so Jay writes on his website.  But why take on the … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Running Shoe Ad Depicts Dead Dog

Tasteless. “Our approach was humorous, and some people didn’t see it that way. There were clearly some people offended by it.” – Geoff Shaffer, global marketing director at Pearl Izumi. Mr. Shaffer doesn’t articulate the humor in depicting what appears to be a dead dog, and I wish he had so I could understand what I’m … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Justin Torrellas, Raw Vegan Athlete

Justin Torrellas is a raw vegan athlete training for the 2016 Olympics and is currently a member of the US National Team for Modern Pentathlon.  Watch this short but inspiring interview as he describes how adopting a low fat, fruit based diet improved his athletic performance. He says that he went from being unable to run … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: John Salley on Veganism

“This is how you take care of your body.” – John Salley on veganism, in a recent interview. Salley goes on to discuss the success of athletes who have adopted plant based diets,  and credits their success to their food choices. These athletes include Serena and Venus Williams, who are thriving on a raw/plant-based diet. … Continue reading