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Tweet Storm Tomorrow: Protest SeaWorld’s float at the Rose Parade!

Help out orcas & other marine animals in captivity: In 2014, let’s continue to bring down SeaWorld! Tomorrow, January 1, SeaWorld is going to have a float in the Rose Parade. PETA has organized a twitter takeover in which we will tweet storm our opposition to Rose Parade’s endorsement of SeaWorld. So if you’re on … Continue reading

Who let Justin Bieber Get a New Pet? …and Ruffin’s Pet Centre addresses puppy mill concerns.

The other day, celebrity gossip site JustJared posted a photo of Justin Bieber’s new puppy, an English bulldog an American bulldog named Karma, purchased from Ruffin’s Pet Centre. Very sweet looking pup. I sincerely hope Karma has a full and happy life with Justin — as much as she can, given the myriad of health … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: The Windsor Meat Butcher Vegan Joke (Actually, it’s a Myq Kaplan joke!)

A butcher shop posted this sign and now the photo of it keeps appearing in my facebook feed, mostly from carnists who enjoy its clever stab at us vegans. But the joke is actually taken from the vegan comedian Myq Kaplan: “When you’re vegan people think you’re weak, because, look [gestures to himself]. But I … Continue reading

Today in Speciesism: Desmond Tutu Seeks Social Justice For Animals

I have seen firsthand how injustice gets overlooked when the victims are powerless or vulnerable, when they have no one to speak up for them and no means of representing themselves to a higher authority. Animals are in precisely that position. Unless we are mindful of their interests and speak out loudly on their behalf, … Continue reading

Today in Speciesism: Pig Parts Make Up Nativity Scene

Like the other images  I’ve analyzed on my blog, this nativity scene, made from assorted pieces of dead pigs, normalizes animal cruelty by making light of it, and hides the violence we commit against animals. Nativity scenes are used to celebrate the birth of the nonviolent Jesus Christ.  And this holiday season, it’s common to wish … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Chipotle Serving “Conventionally Raised” Steak

A friend of mine spotted the following sign at a Chipotle restaurant in NYC recently. The company prides itself for serving “food with integrity” and made a splash earlier this year with an artistic and thought-provoking animated commercial (“The Scarecrow“) depicting the sad and cruel world of factory farming, i.e., the  conventional food farming practice. … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on the Slavery Comparison

Note from Rachel: This is a post by our new contributor Spencer Lo! Spencer will be contributing his thoughts on animal ethics and other related topics from time to time. He can also be found blogging at animalblawg. Within the animal rights community, it is a firmly established—if not self-evident—truth that the animals we routinely … Continue reading

Today in Speciesism: John Mayer Wearing Fur

Now, I don’t know John Mayer, but I imagine that for him, as it is with most people, he wouldn’t (knowingly) wear a dog or a cat. But yet somehow people like John Mayer justify mistreating and exploiting other animals for the sake of a coat or another article of clothing. A very ugly coat … Continue reading

Fargam, The Monkey Iran Sent to Space — & All The Animals We Sent Up Before Him

Fargam is the name of the male rhesus macaque monkey who was just recently launched into space from Iran.  Luckily for little Fargam, he returned to Earth alive and safe. He was launched 72 miles above Earth in a rocket, then his capsule detached and he came back down. From the picture, it doesn’t appear that … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Chimpanzees Are Rational, Not Conformists

“Where chimpanzees do not readily change their behaviour under majority influences, they do change their behaviour when they can maximise their payoffs. We conclude that chimpanzees may prefer persevering in successful and familiar strategies over adopting the equally effective strategy of the majority, but that chimpanzees find sufficient incentive in changing their behaviour when they … Continue reading