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Meet the Breakout Stars of 2019: Shelby, Smarty Pants & Goose

To get know the breakout stars of 2019! Shelby and Smarty Pants star in A Dog’s Way Home. Goose makes her appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel. Continue reading


Monday News Grab Bag! 4/10

This weekly grab bag of news is brought to you by a beautiful bird I found on Flickr. 10,000 dog adoptions, through HSUS pet stores conversion program via Humane Society of the United States After launching this campaign in 2013, we’ve worked with 20 pet stores across the country to stop selling puppy mill dogs … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 115 (wolves in Washington)

The WASHINGTON GRAY WOLF CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT 2016 ANNUAL REPORT, a cooperative effort by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Confederated Colville Tribes, Spokane Tribe of Indians, USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been published, and you can access the pdf here: The report states that the total gray … Continue reading

Animal Law & Environmental Law Tweets of the Week

Another week, another set of tweets! Please share, RT, click, and follow. (By the way, the featured image to this post is of my friend’s chicken, Penelope, who I often pet-sit!) Big thanks to @RepEdRoyce for your support in helping us take shark fins off the menu #FinBanNow — Oceana (@Oceana) March 14, 2017 … Continue reading

Top Animal & Environmental Law Tweets of the Week – 3/6/2017

If you follow my Twitter account at all, you’ve probably noticed that I am anti-Trump and his administration. Not only am I disgusted by his (and his administration’s) misogyny, sexism, bigotry, and racism, I am also staunchly against his anti-science and anti-animal platform. Personally, I do not see how any animal advocate can support him. … Continue reading

Go Vegan – Save Water, Feed An Additional 1.8 Billion People

The following information (italics) comes from the recently published, “Diet Change – A Solution to Reduce Water Use?” an open access article. Go Vegan, Save Water We found that reducing animal product consumption would impact global green water use by reducing it up to 21%, while the effect on blue water use in food production … Continue reading

Thursday News Grab Bag!

A collection of some articles I found this week: animal law; food production; vegan activism in China; environment, and of course dogs! Continue reading

Monday News Grab Bag!

A collection of various news articles concerning animal law, the environment, health, and more, collected from around the web. Continue reading

The media wants you to consume more chicken. Don’t listen to them!

Every day I read headlines or articles (literally every day: I receive Google Alerts for “beef”) and I am constantly coming across articles in which there is a strong push for consumers to consume more poultry: If this keeps up for much longer, chicken is going to be what’s for dinner. With the price of … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Defiant Rancher is Saving Fukushima Cows

“These cows are living testimony to the human folly here in Fukushima. The government wants to kill them because it wants to erase what happened here, and lure Japan back to its pre-accident nuclear status quo. I am not going to let them. If authorities say kill the cows, then I resolved to do the … Continue reading