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Liam Gallagher Adopts a Cat

Liam Gallagher of Oasis welcomes a new cat into his family. Continue reading


District Attorney in Maine won’t prosecute lobster processor because he doesn’t think lobsters are animals

Speciesism in action. PETA had recorded secret footage of lobsters being treated inhumanely at a processing plant in Maine. However, the District Attorney for Hancock County won’t prosecute charges because he claims that lobsters aren’t “animals” under the state’s animal cruelty statute. According to Foster, “there is a lack of conclusive evidence that lobsters are … Continue reading

Meet the Breakout Stars of 2019: Shelby, Smarty Pants & Goose

To get know the breakout stars of 2019! Shelby and Smarty Pants star in A Dog’s Way Home. Goose makes her appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel. Continue reading