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Video of the Day: “Milk Life,” the horrific irony of the dairy industry’s new slogan

“In the past, we have been saying that everyone needs to drink milk. Now, we are showing what milk does for you.” — Sal Taibi, president of Lowe Campbell Ewald, the advertising firm behind the new “Milk Life” ads “Milk Life“?  I have already blogged about the “health benefits” of milk and how advertisers hide the … Continue reading

Idaho Wants To Cover Up Dairy Farm Sex Abuse

“They are not unfeeling objects. And what animals feel matters very much as they try to negotiate their lives in a human-dominated and often abusive world, in which they are mere pawns in our incessant and obsessive attempts to control their lives for our and not their benefit. I am incredulous that some sceptics actually question whether … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Penguins Grieving

Animals are sentient beings. They have emotions just like us. Look at the way her penguin friend comes over to empathize with her. I saw this posted on OneGreenPlanet — had to share.

Photo of the Day: Diddy Wears Dead Mink For Music Video

I really can’t believe that in one day, I make two fur posts. Mostly because it’s hard for me to fathom that people are still looking to fur coats as status symbols — I remember my grandmother’s mink coat, kept upstairs in her closet, and the coat was horrifying to me. Because of those memories … Continue reading

Today in Speciesism: Joe Namath Wears A Fur Coat

ABC News posted this photo to their Facebook last night. ABC didn’t blatantly promote the fur coat, but other news sources described the coat as “amazing” (as did this article) and that he “killed it,” “nailed it,” “rocked it.” Fur is cruelty – plain and simple. Please refer to my recent post on the inherent … Continue reading