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What the “Why Do We Hurt Robots?” article can teach animal advocates

Cassie the Robot

Children in kindergarten were cruel to the class robot until it was given a name. What can this story help teach advocates who want to help animals?

It’s not food, it’s violence: Activists disrupt Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

“Activists with Collectively Free and Direct Action Everywhere staged a disruption of a quintessential July 4th pastime – the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. During the awards ceremony, two activists, covered in (fake) blood jumped onto the stage, held signs that read, “Does Taste Justify the Killing?” and “Animals Are Not Ours”, and led a chant, “Are you willing to stop the killing? It’s not food – it’s violence”. NYPD officers then began pushing the group out of the area and into the Nathan’s Famous back alleyway. No arrests were made, and all activists were let go, but there was a definite use of unnecessary violence on the police officers’ part.

Will you join in the path to animal liberation?​”​

#AreYouWillingToStopTheKilling#ItsNotFoodItsViolence #CF #DxE