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Monday News Grab Bag! 3/27

These links are brought to you by shelter dogs…


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Court of Appeals rules airlines have right to ban hunting trophies  via Animal News 24-7

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on March 20,  2017 ruled that Delta Airlines is under no legal obligation to carry hunting trophies. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling against trophy hunter Corey Knowlton, who paid $350,000 at a Dallas Safari Club auction in 2014 to kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia, the Dallas and Houston Safari Clubs, the pro-hunting organizations Conservation Force and Campfire Association, and the Tanzania Hunting Operations Association.

Nurses adopt plant-based vegan diet for 21 days and lose weight via Medical Xpress

After 21 days, 74 percent of the nurses, 14 out of 19, in this self-reported plant-based dietary review lowered their cholesterol, with a mean average of 18 mg/dL, while six lowered their cholesterol by 45 to 60 mg/dL; more than half, 10, lost weight, with an average weight loss of 4.4 pounds, with a range of 1.5 to 9 pounds; 30 percent, six, reported gains in energy; and 41 percent, eight, reported feeling highly satisfied with their health, compared to one nurse who reported this before the dietary modification. After the program concluded, the nurses reported an uptick in fruit and vegetable consumption, while meat and dairy consumption fell. The findings appear in the March 2017 issue of the American Journal of Nursing.

The Five Best Films with Animal Rights Themes via Splice Today

Check out the article for the full list! What movies would you add? I recently watched Bee Movie and thought it had a pro-animal message, even though it was muddled in a messy script.

Defender Radio: Episode 421: The Nonhuman Rights Project via Furbearers

Steven Wise of the Nonhuman Rights Project talks with Defender Radio to explain the background of the cases of Tommy, Kiko, and other non-human animals for whom the Non-human Rights Project is speaking, why the law should grant them freedom, and how animal lovers around the world can help.

The Brazilian Beef Industry’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week via

Readers, are you still eating meat?! Please reconsider. The beef industry is a violent, vile, and oppressive one. Eat plants.

Animal Rights denounces cruelty to pigs in Tielt (West Flanders) abattoir via Brussels Times

From Brazil to Belgium: Animals around the world are mistreated. Good luck to Animal Rights, an animal welfare organization who “filmed, in secret, ‘the fraudulent practices of Belgium’s largest abattoir.’ It denounces the ‘unimaginable suffering’ that the pigs are enduring. Animal Rights is demanding the immediate closure of the abattoir.

The images show the acts of cruelty to which the pigs are subject, upon arriving at the Tielt (West Flanders) abattoir. The film also suggests the commission of offences under the animal welfare legislation at the time the pigs are slaughtered.

Concerns over dog breeder accountability after USDA pulls online records via

Don’t shop! Adopt, please. NEVER buy your dog from a breeder.

Under pressure, USDA restores some abused animal reports to website via Bemidji Pioneer

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has restored some of the tens of thousands of animal welfare documents that it abruptly removed from its website. But they are only a small number of the documents that were scrubbed from the agency’s website on Feb. 3. Still missing from the website are working links to the vast majority of reports from regular inspections of animal-holding facilities that are monitored under AWA, including puppy breeding facilities and zoos.

“We Do It Because We Don’t Have a Choice”: 5 Canadian Lawyers Who Are Changing the World For Animals via  The Unbound Project

Inspiring! And they’re all women!


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