Why I’m Fasting Against Slaughter

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Image is a poster depicting egg laying hens in a pile, a young pig between metal bars, and a baby calf in a wheelbarrow. Text on the image reads, “We will not forget. Today, 10/2/2015, I join the fast against slaughter. Because it’s not food – it’s violence.” The Direct Action Everywhere logo is under the image of the calf.

Today, I join the Fast Against Slaughter because it’s not food, it’s violence.

Undeniably, right at this very moment there are millions of suffering animals worldwide. They are feeling fear and pain, they smell sickness, and they see death. They are confused, scared, and hurting. They are being transported in trucks without food and water and they don’t know where they are going. They are separated from their families and friends. They will die alone. Some of them – probably most of them — will be abused by workers as they await slaughter.

It does not matter if an animal was raised in a backyard, in a pasture, or in a factory farm. I object to all forms of animal agriculture because of the simple fact that all animals raised for food will be killed. Their lives will be cut short — in fact, most animals are killed before they reach adulthood. And in the egg industry, male chicks who are merely days old are killed in gruesome ways such as being ground alive. The vast majority of animals in “farms” don’t see sunlight and they certainly don’t experience comfort. Most importantly, they don’t get chance. Very few animals are rescued from slaughter. Those who have been saved go on to live beautiful lives at various animal sanctuaries around the world or in the homes of kind people who recognize that each life is valuable.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of visiting many animals living in sanctuaries. I will never forget the animals I have met. Most fondly I remember Leo the baby pig who lives at Safe Haven Sanctuary in New York. But even though Leo brought me so much delight in the way he snorted and sniffed around, it also brought me a deep sadness. This was because I knew that around the country, baby pigs like Leo were being hurt, abused, and even killed, right at that very moment. I knew that some asshole somewhere on the Internet was typing up a “mmm bacon” comment or that someone was ordering a bacon cheeseburger at a fast food joint. There were people who just didn’t care that “bacon” is a product of suffering, made from pigs like Leo who didn’t want to die.

Image: A baby pig sleeps in the arms of a human.

Image: A baby pig sleeps in the arms of a human.

This is Leo. He fell asleep in my friend’s arms. Pigs are intelligent, trusting, and kind creatures. The way we treat them is absolutely deplorable. So I’m fasting today in honor of those who are suffering. I’m posting about this because we need to elevate the public consciousness. We can do better in how we treat animals; this means rejecting animal exploitation in all forms.

Animals are not ours to use and abuse. In Direct Action Everywhere, we like to say, “Their bodies, not ours.” I’m fasting because I agree. And I am asking you to consider what I have written here and to make the change. If you need advice on going vegan, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me. Thank you.

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  1. Animals are considered people food….it is because of this I now fast…my whole life has also been nothing but non-caring people so this fast may bring me right to GODS door-steep.


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