Animal Welfare

Video of the Day: Kyle Kelleher’s Claymation Film, “Gestation Crate Pigs, Locked Up In Hell”

13 year old Kyle Kelleher has made this incredible and truthful claymation film about the pigs we eat:

The tragic story of a pigs life, a gestation crate pig. this claymation uncovers the truth behind what you’re eating. cut back on your pork consumption, try free range or just spread the word. Together we can stop the madness.

Wow, I’m stunned by this film. Kyle is so talented, and this sort of advocacy is so important — many people do not want to see actual footage of factory farms, so this is a great way to educate others on the topic. He’s done a tremendous job of portraying a pig’s life accurately — just compare it to this Mercy For Animals film, which contains footage from one of the nation’s largest pork producers, Iowa Select Farms.

Kyle’s film has been published with perfect timing, as Smithfield Foods, Inc. announced on Tuesday that “it is escalating its movement to get rid of the narrow ‘gestation crates’ used to house pregnant sows” and wants to phase out gestation crates by 2022. While it would not be mandatory for farmers to switch into group housing, Smithfield would be less likely to renew contracts with those farmers who have not made the improvements. Smithfield is the world’s largest pork producer.

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