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Video of the Day: Red Bull’s Speciesism and Racism

Video Description: A Native American and a Pilgrim walk towards a small group of farm animals. The pig says, “Oh no. This does not look good.” The pig takes out a Red Bull from his non-existent pocket and chugs it down. Then the pig magically grows wings! As he flies away, he tosses the can … Continue reading

Thoughts on “The Ghosts in Our Machine”

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and it’s mostly because I’ve been so busy with work. It’s also because I’ve been feeling tired. And then I feel guilty that I’m not doing more, and upset that I’m so tired. So now I’m blogging again, and what prompted my return was witnessing the evocative film, The … Continue reading

Animals in Entertainment

[As we hear the voice-over narration, a computer generated great ape sits in an isolated room, looking forlorn. The ape walks around the room restlessly. He approaches a table, which holds a revolver. The ape takes the gun, toying with it, and and then finally aims it to his head.  Narration: “The great ape. He’s … Continue reading

Video Post

“In Total Joy, Marabel Morgan unites women and animals through the use of the metaphor of hamburger […] Women stand in relationship to the ‘total woman’ as they to do ‘hamburger,’ as something that is objectified, without agency, that must be prepared, reshaped, acculturated to be made consummable in a patriarchal world.” — Carol J. … Continue reading