Liam Gallagher Adopts a Cat

How about some random but good news? I love it when famous people adopt an animal because I’m sure it helps encourage others to adopt instead of buy. Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame recently tweeted a picture of his new family member, a black and white cat named Nancy. Nancy is now sibling to the appropriately named Sid!

The Gallaghers adopted Nancy from Wood Green, an animals charity in the UK. Wood Green has 3 locations and 11 shops. You can see what pets are available for adoption on their website.


Nancy has her own twitter account now; you can find her @nancygaIIagher ( I just found out there is an account for their other cat, Sid.




Isn’t she sweet!

If you’re looking to adopt, please check out your local shelters and rescues. PetFinder is a great tool where you can search by location, species, age, breed, etc. If you live in a city with a kill shelter, check their site first as those animals’ lives are in grave danger. If you’re in New York or nearby, follow the Urgent pages to see which cats and dogs are at risk. And finally: ALWAYS adopt, NEVER shop!

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