Quote of the Day: We Are Not the Only Political Animals

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“[I]t does not insult the memory of those human beings who have been deprived of their rights and excluded from consideration as political subjects to note that, as a matter of fact, the animals that play a central role in our society are systematically excluded from the polis, from the scope of the political. Their exclusion is what makes possible the perpetuation of the system of mass slaughter as if this were not an expression of our society’s political will.

Things were not always this way. Although human beings have always killed animals, the evidence strongly suggests that in hunter-gatherer and early pastoral societies, the animals that were killed were not held to be morally irrelevant, nor were they held to be external interlopers in the human polis. Nor is there any compelling reason things should remain as they are. Perhaps it is time to rethink the boundaries of the political.”– Justin E. Smith, “We Are Not the Only Political Animals

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