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Video of the Day: “The Animals Film” trailer

This documentary film actually came out in 1981, but until yesterday, I had never heard of it. Have you? If so, have you seen it? It obviously predates “Earthlings,” and seemed to have a similar impact to viewers — if you google the film, you’ll find many people writing that they went vegetarian or vegan … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Animal Cruelty Apparently Increases Popularity of Church #WisconsinShame

“This has been our tradition for 44 years. This is our big draw for our parish picnic. If we don’t have the pig rassle down here, we don’t hardly see any people come to our church,” said Bruce Learman, pig rassle co-chair. Over the weekend, St. Patrick’s Parish in Wisconsin hosted it’s 44th annual “pig rassle,” … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: iPads on Tortoises Because “Art” (& My Response to the Artist Statement)

The Aspen Art Museum currently has an installation piece called, “Moving Ghost Town,” in which three African tortoises walk around an enclosed area with iPads glued to their shells. Playing on the iPads are photographs that the tortoises “took” while walking around Colorado. The tortoises are allegedly “rescued” from a breeder, and will be given … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Dr. Melanie Joy Talks Carnism with Our Hen House

Our Hen House interviews Dr. Melanie Joy for their latest podcast. Continue reading

Video of the Day: Chimps Go to Movie Theatre, Watch “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Video of the Day: Chimps attend screening of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” Continue reading

Today in Speciesism – DUMBO Goats Used in “Art,” Spared From Slaughter

Today in Speciesism: Goats used in Brooklyn art installation spared from slaughter because they were found to be "endearing." Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Chicken Killers Claim to “Operate on a Higher Vibration”

A yoga studio and healing center in New Hampshire recently killed chickens for a slaughter demonstration. Yes, you read that right — the owners of Be Well Studios  and a natural market organized, promoted, and defended the slaughtering of chickens. (I wonder if Be Well Studios teach ahimsa?) Almost 4,000 people signed a petition … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: “Domesecration”

“Domesecration is the systemic practice of violence in which social animals are enslaved and biologically manipulated, resulting in their objectification, subordination, and oppression. “Through domesecration, many species of animals that lived on the earth for millions of years, including several species of large, sociable Eurasian mammals, came to be regarded as mere objects, their very … Continue reading

UPDATE: Urban Adamah Slaughtered 15 Hens; Lied to United Poultry Concerns

The Background This is a follow-up to this post. Urban Adamah (UA), a Jewish community center, had 15 hens. When the hens were no longer producing eggs to the center’s satisfaction, the center scheduled a “ritual slaughter”on May 4th to kill the birds for a workshop. United Poultry Concerns (UPC) stepped up to protect the … Continue reading

My Interview With the Filmmakers of “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”: Animal Agriculture’s Devastating Impact On Our Planet

There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other, and yet the world’s major environmental organizations do not want to discuss it. The upcoming documentary film “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” will expose the impact animal agriculture has on global warming, species extinction, water pollution, and more. The Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra … Continue reading