tomorrow [February 6th] is our anti-dairy twitter campaign, #WhyIDitchedDairy!

Previous posts about the campaign:

Tomorrow (February 6th) I will be tweeting about why I’ve ditched dairy. I hope you join me. I have spread the word to many vegans on twitter. We need a high turnout of tweets to get the hashtag trending. It’s a very difficult task, but let’s aim for it. I want the public to understand just how terrible the dairy industry is. Get your news articles, YouTube videos, health studies, environmental reports, and photos ready to be tweeted.

Include calls of action in your tweets to get responses and engagement. I will be tweeting out a variety of materials, but mostly sticking to news articles and graphics. I made a couple of graphics using Paint that anyone is free to use:

dairy free 2

dairy free

cow icons from

I will also be utilizing polls and doing a giveaway. A farm animal sanctuary I follow on Twitter called Wibo Animal Sanctuary designs very cute vegan t-shirts and other products. The winner of the giveaway can pick whatever design they like from the classic tee style. The giveaway will run tomorrow, February 6th, and is open to US, Canada, and UK residents. Please watch my twitter for more information!

Please refer back to my previous posts about the campaign, linked above. But as a short recap:

  • On Wednesday, Friday 6th: Tweet #WhyIDitchedDairy with your reasons – could be anything. Interpret the hashtag however you want to. Use the hashtag if you tweet-quote or reply.
  • Keep in mind that Twitter will filter out foul language and if you share anything graphic you may get reported. It’s better to keep your tweets clean so they help boost the hashtag.
  • Interact with fellow vegans with the hashtag; it’s especially important to interact with accounts new to you to increase your tweets’ reach.
  • Give people reasons to respond to you – be evocative/provocative, ask questions, use Twitter polls, challenge beliefs. If you’re asking questions or polls, please request that ppl use the hashtag in their reply to you.
  • Don’t hijack other popular hashtags; your tweets will likely be filtered out of any search results for #WhyIDitchedDairy. Keep other hashtag use to a minimum.
  • Retweet and post individual tweets as much as you can! However, do not spam by posting similar or identical tweets repeatedly. You must change it up, otherwise twitter’s algorithm will notice!

Thank you for reading and looking forward to doing this campaign with you.

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