Today in Speciesism: Pig Parts Make Up Nativity Scene

Celebrating Christmas, but forgetting to include compassion.

Celebrating Christmas? Don’t forget to include compassion.

Like the other images  I’ve analyzed on my blog, this nativity scene, made from assorted pieces of dead pigs, normalizes animal cruelty by making light of it, and hides the violence we commit against animals.

Nativity scenes are used to celebrate the birth of the nonviolent Jesus Christ.  And this holiday season, it’s common to wish for “peace on earth,” a phrase from the Bible. But instead of  celebrating compassion for all earthlings, we mock the torture and murder of certain sentient beings. This is the problematic speciesist thinking that’s currently rampant in our culture: we wish for “peace on earth” while participating in animal exploitation, which not only hurts the animals, but also directly harms the environment; furthermore, practically no one would think this was funny if the scene featured parts from a cooked dog. Pigs are okay to exploit because…? Because that’s the way things are

I’m not going to tell my Christian readers how to practice their faith, but if you want to reflect on whether veganism is compatible with your religion, here are some links to get you started:

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    Nativity scene, revisited.
    Merry Christmas to my readers who celebrate the holiday. I’m celebrating at home with my boyfriend and a lovely vegan meal.

    Earlier today in my facebook newsfeed someone shared a group of photos of animal parts arranged in various forms, like the nativity scene and Christmas trees. Once again, I’m disgusted by people “celebrating” a compassionate holiday with animal cruelty and making a mockery of the violence committed upon animals. If we’re serious about peace on earth, we ought to be asking ourselves why do we exclude animals from our graces?


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