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Photo of the Day: Running Shoe Ad Depicts Dead Dog



“Our approach was humorous, and some people didn’t see it that way. There were clearly some people offended by it.” – Geoff Shaffer, global marketing director at Pearl Izumi.

Mr. Shaffer doesn’t articulate the humor in depicting what appears to be a dead dog, and I wish he had so I could understand what I’m missing. I see a dog dying or already dead from being overworked on a trail. I see a runner attempting to revive his pet. I see the text, “Run Longer,” which seems to indicate that the runner ran for so long (thanks so his awesome sneakers!) that his dog suffered as a result. What I don’t see is humor. Thinking about how I could potentially cause suffering to my pets does not make me laugh. Readers, do you find this ad funny?

The advertisement has since been pulled from the Canadian magazine in which it ran, and Pearl Izumi followed it up with a pathetic “apology” issued on its Facebook page.  But now that the company has its moment in the spotlight, it really ought to make some sort of statement about proper exercising with one’s pet. But I doubt they will – so here are some links for you to read if you are concerned about exercising (and specifically running) with your dog:



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  1. That is crazy. I love to hike with my dog, but he gets overheated fairly easily, so I have to be really careful. I can’t imagine anyone with a dog thinking this is funny.


  2. I completely agree with you Paw Report! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people running or cycling or blading with their dogs on hot humid days and have stopped them and told them to get their dog home ASAP. The look at me like I’m some crazy dog lady. So when you tell them, excuse, see how hot and sweaty you are? Now imagine having done that workout in a fur coat!


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