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Welcome to #Februdairy! Information & Tracking Post

Hello friends, can you believe it’s now Februdairy 2019? Last year, Februdairy was a campaign by the dairy industry (#TeamDairy on Twitter) to promote dairying and encourage consumption. Activists took over the hashtag and used it to educate the public on the cruel reality of the industry. This year, it seems that farmers are once again using the hashtag, and so activists are, too.

I decided to track the success of the hashtag. I did create a Twitter moment for it, so please check this out and boost the visibility of these tweets.

I’m using SociAlert to track the tweets. Hopefully these images are easy to see. The app only tracks the previous 500 tweets. However it gives us a great sense of how many different people are tweeting, the geographic location, and the top influencers among other important data.

February 1, around 8 AM:

I will come back periodically and update the post with more analytics throughout the month to get a better understanding of our reach.

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