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The #WhyIDitchedDairy campaign was a HUGE SUCCESS!! [Updated at 7 PM]

What I wanted to do for this Twitter campaign #WhyIDitchedDairy was to bring the vegan community together and spread awareness about the cruelty of the dairy industry. We already use the #Februdairy hashtag this month but because so many of us already use that hashtag, there was little hope that we could attract a new audience … Continue reading

New Upcoming Twitter Campaign: #WhyIDitchedDairy

Let’s spread the word about why we ditched dairy with the hashtag #WhyIDitchedDairy. It’s Februdairy, which is when activists take over the hashtag to spread information about the dairy industry. I was researching hashtag trends in the hopes that we could get Februdairy to trend. I started to realize that it’s unlikely to get that … Continue reading

Welcome to #Februdairy! Information & Tracking Post

Hello friends, can you believe it’s now Februdairy 2019? Last year, Februdairy was a campaign by the dairy industry (#TeamDairy on Twitter) to promote dairying and encourage consumption. Activists took over the hashtag and used it to educate the public on the cruel reality of the industry. This year, it seems that farmers are once … Continue reading

Dairy industry is shook! Outrageous legislation, shocking lobby spending, and more.

The dairy industry thinks consumers are confused about plant-based milk products. Could they be right? Readers, maybe it’s time we had the talk. In case you don’t know, products like “soy milk,” “almond milk,” and “cashew milk” do not come from cows. Cows only produce cow milk. No soya, almond, or cashew were forcibly impregnated … Continue reading

The Dark Side of the Dairy Industry

Direct Action Everywhere activist Aidan Cook recently posed some uncomfortable questions to Ben and Jerry (yes, the founders of the ice cream brand) at an event in Boulder, Colorado, regarding the treatment of dairy cows and egg laying hens. The video is hard to hear, but the gist of it is that Aidan is asking … Continue reading

Number of the Day: 133 billion pounds of food in 2010 went uneaten

Today’s post over at Archaeology and Material Culture, Unsavory Materiality: The Aesthetics of Institutional Food, shares some shocking information: Food waste […] is much easier to quantify and serves as a somewhat shocking rallying point for many activists: a 2014 study indicated that in 2010 a stunning 31% of the edible US food supply at retail … Continue reading

Video of the Day: “Milk Life,” the horrific irony of the dairy industry’s new slogan

“In the past, we have been saying that everyone needs to drink milk. Now, we are showing what milk does for you.” — Sal Taibi, president of Lowe Campbell Ewald, the advertising firm behind the new “Milk Life” ads “Milk Life“?  I have already blogged about the “health benefits” of milk and how advertisers hide the … Continue reading