Video Post

“In Total Joy, Marabel Morgan unites women and animals through the use of the metaphor of hamburger […] Women stand in relationship to the ‘total woman’ as they to do ‘hamburger,’ as something that is objectified, without agency, that must be prepared, reshaped, acculturated to be made consummable in a patriarchal world.” — Carol J. Adams, The Sexual Politics of Meat.


[In the commercial, Paris Hilton enters a garage wearing a cut-out one piece bathing suit and high heels. She approaches a parked car and grabs a soapy sponge. As jazzy music plays and Paris moans, she washes the car down with the soap and sponge, rubs herself and throws up her legs. Music building, she then crawls on her knees to a Carl’s Jr. hamburger and takes a big bite. Paris licks her fingers while gazing into the camera.  Paris returns to the car, squeezing the sponge, and then takes a hose and sprays toward the camera with it.  The music climaxes as Paris sighs in ecstasy and slides down the car toward the bottom of the frame.  Fade to black. Text on screen reads, “The Spicy BBQ Burger” followed by the Carl’s Jr. logo.  The commercial aired in 2005.]

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