Tonight, We Light the Path

Today and tonight, all over the world, activists are taking a stand United for Animal Liberation which involves going to places where animals are being exploited and speaking out against it. Activists will also participate in the online global event called Light The Path. To Light the Path, activists will photograph themselves holding candles in honor of the animals and upload them at the same time (11:30 PM eastern), using the hashtag #LightThePath. Please, it’s not too late to participate! Join us!

I’m participating because I care about animals. The violence committed against animals needs to stop. I’m against animal cruelty and I’m against hurting others. I want to see less violence in the world. I see animals as equals who have a right to live free from farm, just like any human does.

Please watch the following video and learn more about Direct Action Everywhere, of which I am a proud supporter and organizer.

It’s hidden. In the dark. Where no one will ever see. They’re taken when they’re just kids. They’ll never see their mothers again. They will live in fear of violence. They will live in desperation and pain. It’s the largest genocide in history. It’s happening, right under our nose.

But we are opening our eyes. We see their fear and their pain. We will never forget. We will remember their stolen lives.

And we will light the path to liberation!

Where ever they place animals in cages or cages. Where ever they take their families or their freedom. wherever they spread violence or death. We will rise up. We will fight for what’s right. We will fight for those who have been forgotten. We will fight for those who have been silenced. And we will never give up.

Because for them we must win.

And for them we will win. Because the world is changing.  Our numbers grow every day. We have wiped way our tears, fought off our fears, found our voice, found our strength. We are ready to act. To end this atrocity. To build a better world. To light the path forward.

The path to liberation.

dxe light the path

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