It’s not food, it’s violence: Activists disrupt Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Today, activists from Collectively Free, Direct Action Everywhere NYC and Direct Action Everywhere Mass Connecticut disrupted the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. I was unable to attend, unfortunately, but looked forward to the media coverage that was sure to follow. When I was able to check my phone, I didn’t find any tweets or articles discussing the disruption. I thought that was odd… Mainstream media has so far avoided reporting on the disruption. (If you find any articles, please link them below!) But the activists filmed a video of the disruption, so please share the video and tweet about it using the hashtags: #AreYouWillingToStopTheKilling #ItsNotFoodItsViolence #CF #DxE

Pigs suffer enormously in the name of “animal agriculture.” Gestation crates, farrowing crates, castration without painkillers, separation from their families, kept in crowded pens, and then shipped off to slaughter in trucks without food or water. The slaughterhouse is an obviously terrible and terrifying place for any animal, and animals like pigs are often further abused there. At every step along the way, pigs are dying. Mothers are unable to care for their babies the way they naturally would because they are confined and therefore denied the right to be a mother. Mother pigs are repeatedly impregnated until their bodies are of no use.

Pigs are smart and social animals who are aware of their confinement, isolation, and abuse. They deserve so much more than what we give them. It disgusts me that mainstream media has not discussed (so far) the disruption and our fight against animal exploitation.

Image: A baby pig sleeps in the arms of a human.

Image: A baby pig with black and white markings sleeps in the arms of a human and a human hand touches the pigs nose.

The image above is of Leo, the baby pig at a New York farm animal sanctuary called Safe Haven. I took this photo after spending some time with Leo, who happily dozed off in the arms of my friend Chris. It was my first time being with a baby pig and it hurt me deeply to know that every day, baby pigs like Leo are denied the basic pleasures of life and the chance at living happy and free.

But we can change this. We don’t have to hurt animals. We don’t need to eat hot dogs made from pigs (or any other animal), or for that matter eat any animal product. There is an abundance of decent vegan alternatives to virtually everything; therefore, raising and killing animals for food like hot dogs is unnecessary. Additionally, I personally find eating contests deplorable and a slap in the face to every starving person in the world. They are a testament to our greed and gluttony and disregard for innocent beings — both human and nonhuman animal — who ALL deserve better.

Please share this post. Will you join in the path to animal liberation?​

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