Why I Ditched Dairy

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The #WhyIDitchedDairy campaign was a HUGE SUCCESS!! [Updated at 7 PM]

What I wanted to do for this Twitter campaign #WhyIDitchedDairy was to bring the vegan community together and spread awareness about the cruelty of the dairy industry. We already use the #Februdairy hashtag this month but because so many of us already use that hashtag, there was little hope that we could attract a new audience … Continue reading

tomorrow [February 6th] is our anti-dairy twitter campaign, #WhyIDitchedDairy!

Previous posts about the campaign: New Upcoming Twitter Campaign: #WhyIDitchedDairy 2 days until our anti-dairy twitter campaign, #WhyIDitchedDairy! Tomorrow (February 6th) I will be tweeting about why I’ve ditched dairy. I hope you join me. I have spread the word to many vegans on twitter. We need a high turnout of tweets to get the … Continue reading

2 days until our anti-dairy twitter campaign, #WhyIDitchedDairy!

Previously I wrote about our upcoming Twitter campaign, #WhyIDitchedDairy. The goal of this campaign is to get the public educated on the cruel reality of the dairy industry. My hope is that vegans are able to get #WhyIDitchedDairy as a trending topic. It’s really difficult to get a topic trending, but it’s possible if we all … Continue reading

New Upcoming Twitter Campaign: #WhyIDitchedDairy

Let’s spread the word about why we ditched dairy with the hashtag #WhyIDitchedDairy. It’s Februdairy, which is when activists take over the hashtag to spread information about the dairy industry. I was researching hashtag trends in the hopes that we could get Februdairy to trend. I started to realize that it’s unlikely to get that … Continue reading