Photos from my Skylands Sanctuary trip


Skylands Sanctuary and Animal Rescue is a huge, beautiful place in New Jersey where animals are saved from harm and can live their life with dignity and respect. If you live in the New York area, Skylands is just a short drive from NYC (under two hours) and well worth the trip. A small donation (although please give more if you are able) will give you a tour of the grounds and you can meet and hang out with the animals. I’ve been to quite a few sanctuaries and although I love them all, Skylands is probably my favorite because the tour is an depth discussion on the treatment and lives of animals in our food system and visitors can really get close to the animals. On one previous trip, I even got to lay down with a cow! I was also treated to food both times I went. I think it’s a great idea to treat visitors to a wonderful vegan meal to show them that you won’t be missing out from tasty, easy meals if you switch to an animal-free diet.

For the people who can’t get to Skylands, please consider donating online to support the wonderful work the sanctuary does. I hope my pictures will inspire you to go animal-free, visit the sanctuary, or spread the word about this wonderful place.

You may have noticed that the logo for Skylands features a sweet looking, small cow. This cow is named Jimmy, and he was the inspiration/motivation for Skylands founder, Mike. Jimmy was saved from death at a young age, in ill health but Mike never gave up the fight to keep Jimmy alive. Here’s Jimmy now…


Jimmy and Mike… best friends for life.

Not so small anymore! Jimmy would have been killed at months old. I’m so happy that he was saved and has had a chance at life.

skylands-5I love this picture, it’s my favorite one that I took on my trip. I look at this photo and I remember all over again why I’m vegan…. because of him. Because when I look, I see life behind those eyes. There is a person in there. Who am I to deny someone’s right to live? As my friend’s shirt says in the background, All animals want to live.



How life should be.

Farm sanctuaries are beautiful places because animals get to live free, the way they ought to – free from human exploitation and harm. Skylands is one of those places, and I’m so grateful that it exists. If you’re not already vegan, please seriously consider removing animals from your diet. We have become so normalized to animal violence that we don’t stop and think about where food products come from, but now that you know, what choice will you make? For me, the choice is simple, to always do less harm. Veganism is in harmony with that principle. For more information about going vegan, please see: PETAVegan Outreach; the Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus. And don’t forget to plan your trip to Skylands!


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