Saturday News Grab Bag! Global Warming, Animal Farm, anthropology & more

There’s so much stuff I’m finding in the news that I want to address, if only I had the time/energy to write a blog about each topic.  There are also some things I read online and want to share, but they aren’t really topics my blog was meant to cover. I can’t write about everything, so here’s a list of articles and some quick thoughts.


Over in the Dot Earth blog at the New York Times, Andrew Revkin writes, Can We Respond to Problems like Global Warming Where There’s ‘No Simple Villain’? Well, I agree there may not be a simple villain, but there are certainly villains we can single out and address if we’re serious about responding to global warming. For example, according to the U.N, factory farming contributes more greenhouse gases than the global transportation industry. Greenhouse gases cause global warming. So one response to global warming, that you can do right now after you read this? Stop eating meat.

Speaking of global warming: Read this article over on Treehugger to see how Global Warming Impacts Our Mental Health.

How Plastic in the Ocean is Contaminating Your Seafood. On eating seafood: “A lot of people are eating seafood all the time, and fish are eating plastic all the time, so I think that’s a problem.”


Yay, there is going to be a motion-capture version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, one of my most beloved books. And with Andy Serkis! I wrote about his awesomeness before.


Early cattle management in NE China. From the paper’s abstract: “Our data suggest that the first attempts to manage cattle in northern China predate the introduction of domestic cattle that gave rise to the current stock by several thousand years.”


This has nothing to do with anything, I just though this artist who makes magical scenes in bonsai trees is soo cool and impressive.

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