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Today in Speciesism: Why does the Nebraska legislature want to protect animal abusers, but criminalize animal rights activists who use drone photography?

I was going through my Google alert notifications when I came upon “Bill seeks to stop drone use to spy on people, harass cows“, an article written by Grant Schulte. The headline was appalling enough; the text of the article was even worse. Not only does the article fail in its objectivity – it only … Continue reading

The Animal Ag Industry Just Had a Really Bad Week

The animal agriculture industry just had a really bad week… and it’s probably going to get worse. It all started a week ago, last Monday, when Canadian Cattlemen, a magazine and online publication, published an article called “Advocates still calling for the elimination of meat consumption.” Magazine editor Gren Winslow penned the piece, in which … Continue reading

CNN investigates the link between animal agriculture and climate change (and a trip to the comment section)

CNN has published a fairly decent look into the link between animal agriculture and climate change in a new article, “Climate Change: Why Beef is the new SUV.” The opinion piece is far from perfect, but it does have some great information and will hopefully change some people’s minds. The reality is that if we’re … Continue reading

Author Sonia Faruqi Discusses Her Book “Project Animal Farm”

For Sonia Faruqi, former Wall Street investment banker, her journey investigating animal farms began accidentally when she volunteered at an organic dairy farm. She quickly discovered that the animals weren’t treated as she hoped and expected. Sonia found herself delving deeper into the animal agriculture industry, even managing to gain access to a bob veal … Continue reading

On My Radar: Upcoming Documentary Explores How Corporate Agriculture is Protecting Puppy Mills

I’m so excited for this movie. The link between powerful corporate agriculture and puppy mills is apparently undeniable, as the researchers/team behind this film will soon show us when the film is released. I cannot say I’m surprised that there is such a link, given the legal status of animals in animals as property, and … Continue reading

Video of the Day: Truth Matters: DxE Investigators Expose “Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods

Direct Action Everywhere recently investigated a “humane” farm which supplies eggs to retailers such as Whole Foods. As you will see in the video, the chickens who were at this farm are suffering. One chicken in particular is in very bad shape, and the investigators decide to rescue her. They named her Mei Hua. I … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Plant Food, Not Corn; Eat Plants, Not Meat!

The above graphic was taken from a recently published article, “A hard look at corn economics — and world hunger.” As you can see, corn is not a “foodstuff,” but “industrial material.” And the majority of the crop becomes animal feed. In a world where 842 million people are malnourished, should we really be using … Continue reading

My Interview With the Filmmakers of “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”: Animal Agriculture’s Devastating Impact On Our Planet

There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other, and yet the world’s major environmental organizations do not want to discuss it. The upcoming documentary film “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” will expose the impact animal agriculture has on global warming, species extinction, water pollution, and more. The Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra … Continue reading