TGI Fridays now has Beyond Meat burgers! But vegans, don’t get fries with that.

Before the end of 2017, restaurant chain TGI Fridays announced that it was going to include the Beyond burger in its menu for 2018. Following a successful test run in October, the restaurant decided to include the Beyond burger in ALL of its locations starting… NOW!

That’s right, at any of the 450+ TGI Fridays locations, you can eat not just any vegan burger, but one of the best.

I noticed that the restaurant advertises the burger with cheese and the Friday’s sauce. I was also wondering if the fries were “safe” for vegans. So I reached out to TGI Fridays:

I received the following response:

So, vegans, take note: If you go to TGI Fridays for the beyond burger, make you sure that you specify no cheese and no special sauce. And it seems like they must fry their French fries using the same equipment as their animal flesh products – which is really disappointing!

UPDATE: TGI Fridays responded to someone seeking clarification to their fries.


I think we should petition the restaurant to have a dedicated fryer for its fries. Because who wants to eat a burger with no fries?! Not this vegan!

I chose to feature the image of the Beyond burger patty and not the Beyond burger as advertised by TGI Fridays since in their advertisement it is non-vegan (includes cheese and sauce).

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  1. Just as a heads up; the corporate office claims the challah bun is vegan. But the 8 different south florida locations I’ve called today all make the claim that all burger buns they serve contain eggs.


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