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Join the @ASPCA and #GetTough on Dog Fighting!

Are you against dog fighting, but feel like you can’t do anything to help the cause? Well, I’m here to share the awesome news that the ASPCA has launched a new campaign in honor of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, which is on April 8. The ASPCA has made it easy and fun to get involved in this campaign and I hope that you join me in participating!

GetTough ASPCA campaign

I think we can all agree that dog fighting is bad. And it’s a felony in every state, but unfortunately the mere fact that it’s illegal isn’t enough to prevent people from forcing dogs to participate in the “sport.” Besides the obvious violence of the fight, the dogs are subjected to other cruelties such as being raised and confined in isolation and in chains; having their bodies inhumanely modified (e.g. tail and ear docking); and given drugs like steroids.

April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day and to celebrate, the ASPCA has launched a social media campaign. At the campaign website #GetTough, you can sign a petition, donate, educate yourself on dog fighting – and learn how taking a selfie can show others that you’re taking a stand against dog fighting! The more we talk about the issue on social media, the more we can educate the public on how cruel, dangerous, and harmful dog fighting is.

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For more information on how the ASPCA is working to end dog fighting, please watch:

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  1. I passed an aspca group doing a fund drive on 34th & Park yesterday and spoke to one of the women, I ended up sharing your blog with her…hope you get a “comment”.


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