Why I Joined the #31DaysofRescueDogs Campaign (& You Should, Too!)

31days-shareable-2Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? To celebrate shelter dogs and promote adoption, the ASPCA has organized a great online campaign taking place all month long, where each day participants can share a photo of their favorite rescue dogs on social media with the hashtag #31DaysOfRescueDogs.

This social media campaign is not just simply sharing photos for RTs and Likes, it’s also about fundraising! Each day participants share a photo of a rescue dog, they’ll also be asking their friends and followers to donate to help shelter pets.

All you have to do is post a photo of a rescue dog, who can be your own or maybe a dog who is looking for their furever home, along with the hashtag #31DaysOfRescueDogs. Don’t forget to include a link to your campaign page, which you can make for free (and it takes about 2 minutes!). You can even submit photos to a contest where the winner could have their pictures featured on Animal Planet! For complete information on how to sign up, please visit the Team ASPCA’s website.

I’m just joining in on the campaign and I started my own fundraising page, which you can visit here. Please consider a small donation (minimum is 5 bucks) to my page, where the proceeds go to the ASPCA, benefiting animals in need. Because I joined the campaign a little late, I set my goal at $25.00. I hope to meet this goal, and I really hope to surpass it! If you are able, please donate; if not, will you kindly share the link to spread the word?


I’m choosing to participate in #31DaysOfRescueDogs because my home at my parent’s house in New Mexico is full of rescue dogs. There’s Penny, a mutt who my mom found as a puppy in the JC Penny parking lot. There’s also Sadie, a chihuahua who magically turned up in my parent’s yard, and then not too long after, Bandit, another chihuahua. Also in the family was my dog Banksy, who I adopted from the Albuquerque shelter when she was a puppy. Unfortunately, last year, my sweet furbaby passed away, and not a day goes by where I don’t miss her.


Please help me raise awareness for rescue pups. You can donate to my campaign here, and make sure to follow the hashtag #31DaysOfRescueDogs on Twitter and Instagram!

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