October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month — Share the #BigLove! [UPDATE: 10/19]

UPDATED! With information about the ASPCA’s month-long #BigLove adoption event!

The Paw Report

Banksy! Banksy!

As my readers may know, I am a huge proponent of pet adoption. All of my companion animals are rescues. Back in 2007, I adopted my dog Banksy from the Albuquerque pet shelter. She lives with my mom now along with her best friends Penny, Sadie and Bandit. (And those are just the dogs! Banksy loves the cats, too!) When I adopted her, Banksy was just a small, clumsy puppy. She’s all grown up now, and she’s a HUGE dog — almost 100 pounds! Part Doberman, her adoption papers indicated that she would grow to become pretty big, but that’s exactly what I wanted!

Every day I’m grateful that I found her. I miss her, and every time I go home to visit my family I am overjoyed to see her. And judging by her reaction when we reunite, I think the feeling is mutual!

aspca 1 John is a great…

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