Video of the Day: In Memory of Joshua

From Collectively Free’s facebook page:

Opening with the voice of Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks, the video tells the story of Joshua, a calf killed mere hours after his birth simply because he was a byproduct of the dairy industry. Every year Starbucks alone uses 140 million gallons of cow’s milk for its beverages – enough to fill 212 olympic-sized swimming pools!

Through the campaign “We Are All Animals”, CF reveals the true cost of these 140 million gallons, for calves like Joshua, for their mothers, and for all the other animals whose bodies are exploited, killed and turned into products that companies like Starbucks then profits from.

For more details on Why Starbucks, read our article at http://collectivelyfree.org/demystifying-starbucks-humane-w…

Join our movement. Your voice is needed for animal liberation.

Please share and use the hashtag #JoshuaNeverForget and #WeAreAllAnimals.

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