Video of the Day: Truth Matters: DxE Investigators Expose “Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods

Direct Action Everywhere recently investigated a “humane” farm which supplies eggs to retailers such as Whole Foods. As you will see in the video, the chickens who were at this farm are suffering. One chicken in particular is in very bad shape, and the investigators decide to rescue her. They named her Mei Hua.

I would imagine that the consumers who are choosing to buy “humanely” raised (and killed) animals are doing so out of concern for the welfare of animals and because they want to minimize animal suffering. But clearly the best thing for someone who wants to minimize harm and suffering is to always choose a vegan option. If you are against animal cruelty and violence, please opt out of the system of violence that is animal agriculture! If you need help in transitioning to veganism, please check out resources such as Vegan Outreach or Collectively Free).

Mei Hua, a chicken rescued from a humane farm by Direct Action Everywhere.

Mei Hua, a chicken rescued from a “humane” farm by Direct Action Everywhere.

I think open rescues are important for many reasons, but I’ll quickly highlight two of them:

1. It’s important to have new, updated footage. I’ve found that people commonly respond to older footage by using the fact that it’s old as a way to discredit the information; they will argue that the practices aren’t common or occurring anymore. But when we use new footage, it demonstrates the fact that the cruel practices are still happening.

2. Open rescue allows us to highlight an individual animal’s story.  When we share these rescue stories (like the story of an individual like Mei Hua) we are identifying the victims and appealing to the hearts of many. Statistics can have their place in our advocacy, but using the victims’ stories is probably better to effectuate change.


For more on the DxE investigation, please check out their blog article, “On the Importance of Animal Rescue: Four Reasons to Get Serious About Liberation.”

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