News Digest for the week of 12/19/2014

I compiled this list of news articles for Species and Class, of which I am an editor.

I’d like to add my article, Debunking the arguments against the NYC horse carriage ban” on the newly established animal welfare blog, Upside Down Studios. My article can be found here. Please share!

Species and Class

If you have something that you’d want us to share next week, email us or contact us via Twitter @SpeciesAndClass.

The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) has filed a motion for permission to appeal to New York’s highest court: the Court of Appeals. (via NhRP)

Will Kymlicka discusses citizenship of domestic animals and animal rights. (Should dogs be citizens? It’s not as crazy as you think via Vox)

“[A]nimal activists believe that part of the issue is that cops are allowed, under the law and department policy, to use deadly force too easily. If an officer merely thinks a dog is going to bite or attack him, he’s allowed to shoot — even if a dog doesn’t pose a threat to the life of the officer or others. And since dogs are considered property under most state laws, the legal standards of probable cause and objectively reasonable belief…

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