Photo of the Day: People Pretending To Be Me On Disqus

pretending to be meSince I log in Disqus with my official twitter account, I have a user icon and profile that clearly proves that the comments are being written by me. This person just logged in anonymously, with no profile, and used my name as his own. I guess that’s what happens when you argue against eating rabbits: I riled up someone so much so that s/he pretended to be me and made a typical carnist joke. Very immature!

Assuming the comment hasn’t been deleted (I flagged it), you can be find it in the Disqus section here: http://www.wbez.org/news/culture/rabbit-hops-back-american-table-110834

Here’s another hilarious exchange from the post:please think of the carrotsDid you catch that? They’re accusing me of being a “murderer and abuser of plants.” The hilarious part is that the link provided in the comment, which is supposed to prove that plants feel pain, contains the following:

As far as I know no reputable study has ever shown that plants can “feel pain”. They lack the nervous system and brain necessary for this to happen. A plant can respond to stimuli, for example by turning towards the light or closing over a fly, but that is not the same thing. It is also hard to see what purpose pain could serve for the plant, since they can hardly run away.

The link contains a million other similarly reasoned responses to the question of whether or not plants feel pain. Makes me wonder why he chose to include that in his comment, since it doesn’t bolster his argument at all.

Here’s another one:

10710636_10100851097969757_5763692034833827853_nPlants are not sentient, people. Get over this. And anyway, if you want to spearhead the Plant Rights movement, then all the more reason to go vegan, since we have to raise crops to feed both us AND animals. We’d “save” far more plants if we just ate them ourselves!

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  1. Hi Rae,
    I understand how you feel. I have never had anyone post a comment pretending to be me, however! When people say mean or cruel things or spout a highly unlikely hypothesis, I think that the person is trying to distract from my goal because of his/her internal conflict over the issue. I usually say that I will have to look that up and disengage myself from the conversation.


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