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Video of the Day: Phillip Wollen – Animals Should Be Off The Menu

Dylan, rescued and happy at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Photo by me.

Dylan, rescued and happy at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Photo by me.

Dylan, pictured to the left, was going to be veal. Can you imagine? Now he’s thriving, happy, and sociable at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I met Dylan when I visited Woodstock a couple of years ago. I snapped this photo as he ran over to us, eager to get to know us and to receive pets and scratches.

Dylan is lucky because he was saved. But for billions of other animals, they are not so lucky. We force them into factory farms, we separate families, we kill them young, we cause them harm and suffering. And then we eat them. And then we repeat the process again, and again.

Phillip Wollen’s incredible speech calls for us to stop eating animals. After I saw many, many friends sharing and commenting on it, I finally got around to watching his speech (which is part of a debate). I found it incredibly moving and powerful. I wish I had watched it sooner. I feel that it is my duty to share this message with the world, in the hopes it will plant some seeds of change in people. Will you please watch it, and share?

“If everyone ate a western diet, we would need two planet earths to feed us. We’ve only got one, and she is dying. […] As I travel around the world, I see poor countries who sell their grain to the west while their own children starve in their arms. And the west feeds it to livestock, so we can eat a steak? Am I the only one who sees this as a crime?”  — Phillip Wollen

No, Philip, you are not the only one who sees this as a crime.

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    • Hi Rae,

      I have watched this video twice already and I am so glad that you are making it available to your readers. Mr. Woollen is an impassioned man with an undeniable truth. I hope that many will watch and decide to be a part of stopping the insanity.
      Many thanks,


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