Michael Mansfield: Lawyer, Socialist, and Vegetarian

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Species and Class

By Rachel Berardinelli

“I stopped eating meat when I realised that meat production contributes to a society in which the value of a life is measured by profit margins alone and comfort is of no concern.” – Michael Mansfield QC in his op-ed, “Abolishing meat is an ethical issue that requires everyone’s attention.”

Michael Mansfield was born in 1941 and grew up in North London. Mansfield attended the University of Keele, which is when he became interested in politics. Called to the bar at age 26, he would go on to become one of Britain’s top human rights attorneys. His highly public career took off when he represented an anarchist group called the “Angry Brigade,” who launched a series of small bomb attacks in Britain from 1970 – 1972.

Mansfield2Throughout his career, he has represented clients in controversial and emotionally-charged cases, including the racially motivated murder of Stephen…

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  1. Hi Rae,
    This is an excellent article. There are so many activists out there, doing great work and I know so few of them. I am glad that this gentleman is now on my radar. Will Tuttle says that the violence, degradation and misery we are meeting on one another and our planet is a direct result of our herding culture which promotes the enslavement, torture and death of nonhumans for profit. When that stops, the world will have a chance to heal.
    Many thanks, Anne


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