I Want Your Articles!

Creative Commons. Photo by Ian Britton.

Creative Commons. Photo by Ian Britton.

I would love to publish your polished, thoughtful articles on my page! Ideally, I’d love to publish at least one guest blogger post per month.

Topic can vary, but please familiarize yourself with the issues I discuss on the site. Posts should relate in some way to animal welfare, animal law, or veganism. You may notice I write articles like “Today in Speciesism”; or “Quote of the Day.” You do not have to follow that format at all. Your post can be informal or more academic. It’s totally up to you — just be proud of what you write!

Blog posts should be around 400 – 1,000 words. Please submit completed work only, and articles that haven’t been published elsewhere. Feel free to add photos to your post, but either choose a photograph that you retain the rights to, or find an image in Wikipedia or Flickr’s Creative Commons.

I will only make minor edits to your article. If I think bigger edits need to be made, I’ll let you know.

I cannot offer compensation to guest bloggers, but at least you get your name out there! Speaking of names, please include your name and two to three sentences describing yourself, which I will include in the piece.

By submitting an article to The Paw Report, you warrant that you are the rightful copyright owner of your article. Please no vulgar language, defamatory material, etc! You will retain the copyright to all articles you submit to The Paw Report.

Please email me at thepawreport@gmail.com to submit an article, or ask for more information. You can send me a Word doc, or paste the article into the body of the email or in the contact form below. If you haven’t received a response from me in a couple of days, you can email thepawreport@gmail.com to check the status of your submission. I will definitely let you know whether I will post your article, and will notify you in advance of posting.

This post was last updated 8/30/2014

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