Quote of the Day: Chicken Killers Claim to “Operate on a Higher Vibration”

A yoga studio and healing center in New Hampshire recently killed chickens for a slaughter demonstration. Yes, you read that right — the owners of Be Well Studios  and a natural market organized, promoted, and defended the slaughtering of chickens. (I wonder if Be Well Studios teach ahimsa?)

Almost 4,000 people signed a petition demanding a stop the chicken slaughter, but the owners dismissed the public concern. What’s especially heinous is their snide email to United Poultry Concerns:

“Soooo, fyi, no amount of signatures would have stopped this workshop, there were 8 attendees. And the petition should have been over hours ago, step away from your device and go outside and look up! Operate on a higher vibration… It was a glorious day.

I’m sad that 8 people showed up at all for the “workshop” — but at least it was not more. And the petition received almost 500 times more support than their slaughter event. (And as I write this, the petition is still gathering support — it’s currently over 4,000 signatures!)

It’s very disturbing to me that the owners received so much pleasure and satisfaction from murdering chickens. I really do not understand how anyone who operates a yoga studio can also profit from and promote violence. To be frank, the owners sound like a farce. I would absolutely never attend a yoga course or “healing” session with anyone who thinks it’s “glorious” to kill chickens (or any other sentient being).

One of the owners of the studio told a local newspaper that the chicken slaughter was “about how to ethically raise and process chickens” and that “the chicken class [sic] is consistent with her business’ core beliefs.” Well, I guess the “core belief” of her yoga studio doesn’t include ahimsa after all. Why let a pesky little thing like non-violence get in the way of business?

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  1. Hi Rae,
    This was a very sad day, first and foremost for the chickens. The lack of respect for living beings is astonishing.


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