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NYC: Please Support Proposed Legislation Requiring Pet Stores to Microchip!

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Kitty says: Microchip me! (Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

In New York City, pet stores do not currently have to microchip a dog or cat prior to selling the animal. Local law Int. 0146-2014 seeks to change that. If you agree with me that pet stores in NYC should be microchipping cats and dogs before selling them (note: I do not support the selling of dogs or cats when so many animals are in need of adoption, but setting that aside, I will support this law), please contact your council member.

Want to read the legislation in full? Click here.

Need to find out who your council member is? Click here.

I wrote a sample letter to make this easy for anyone who wants to support this legislation. Please feel free to use it (remember to modify the brackets when necessary)!

The Honorable [first and last name of council member]

Re: [a local law to amend the New York City Administrative Code in relation to spaying, neutering and licensing of animals sold in pet shops]

Dear Council Member [last name]:

I am writing in support of, and asking you to vote for, Local Law Int. 0146-2014, which will amend chapter 8 of title 17 of the NYC Administrative Code concerning microchipping for our city’s pets. This law will require pet stores to have a licensed veterinarian microchip the cat or dog before releasing the pet to the consumer.

As a pet owner and animal advocate, I recognize that microchipping saves lives. The procedure of microchipping does not harm pets, and the benefits of microchipping are great. The microchip will last for the pet’s lifetime and contains important contact information. Simply relying on collars and tags is not enough, as those can fall or be taken off. If a pet is lost or stolen, a microchip can be the difference between a lost life and a reunited pet. If a microchipped pet becomes lost, a quick scan by a veterinarian will reveal the owner, and the family can be reunited. Reuniting lost pets with their families will reduce the number of stray animals in our crowded city shelters.

Moreover, I want to ensure the safety of our pets. I am aware that many people abandon their pets. Some people will also neglect or abuse their pets. Because a microchip contains vital information such as the owner’s name and address, microchipping will help hold those who abandon, abuse, or injure pets accountable for their actions. Further, I believe that microchipping can help deter those actions.

[recommended: a brief personal statement about your own microchipping policy concerns]

For the aforementioned reasons, I respectfully urge you to support the proposed legislation.

Thank you for your consideration.


[optional: phone number]


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