Animal Welfare

A brief post — what I’ve been up to!

Apologies to my readers– I haven’t been good at blogging lately.

I got very busy working three jobs, whittled those down to two, and now I’m down to one. And about to start looking for a new job! Hopefully something more permanent. I’ve been freelancing transcribing. It’s nice to have something somewhat non-routine, but I need steady income right now.

I’ll get back to posting again soon. I have a lot of topics that I need to get to writing!

Until then, please check out a blog I wrote for a non-profit I’m involved with. The article is about the ASPCA handing off its responsibility of law enforcement to the NYPD. It can be found on our Tumblr page here:

If you have a Tumblr, please follow our non-profit! We’re just getting started. Our focus is on New York shelter reform. My role is legislative research.


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